Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Evan is here!

Sunday was Father's Day here in the U.S. and it began with breakfast together and a trip to the hospital to visit Shawna's father (same hospital we were to deliver in).  While there Shawna began experiencing her normal cluster of contractions, in fact they lasted all the way home which was about a 30 minute ride.  I began joking about him being born on Father's Day and how great of a present that would be.  My mother was making a cake for dessert at her house for the father's in the family so we ate dinner and headed over.  Again the contractions started and didn't stop, we left their house around 8:45pm in order to get home in time for one of our favorite shows, True Blood.  The contractions were a little irregular but were coming every 7 to 9 minutes so I began getting our "Oh Crap!" bags together and making sure everything was straightened up around our home incase Evan would be there with us (outside the womb) in the next few days.  Eventually the contractions made their way to the 5 or 6 minute mark so we hopped in the car and raced for the hospital.
By the time we had arrived at the maternity triage and their first internal exam was done the contractions had sputtered out to one every 20 minutes or more and we were seemingly on our way back home to sit and wait it out.  We walked the maternity ward for an hour and another exam was done, this time there was no progression in the dilation however her cervix had thinned out to 70%, 10 more than it was when we arrived.  We were given the option to do another hour walk and check again, go home and wait, or be admitted and follow the progression of labor and eventually have her water broken and the labor induced if needed.  We obviously chose the last option and decided Evan's birthday would be June 21st, 2010.
We were admitted to the birthing room complete with 1980's era TV and plasticy type love seat for Dad to sleep in.  It was about 2:30am at this point and we were both exhausted however the never ending parade of nurses, doctors and physician assistants provided us with little chance for some much needed shut eye. 
Around 3am the Dr. came in and broke her water as well as reported that her cervix had dilated to 6 centimeters.  Another hour went by and another exam showed she was now 8 cm dilated, 90% effaced and the baby was in -1 location.  Things were progressing rapidly and we were looking to have Evan in our arms by 7am, or so we thought.  7am came and went and she was still 8 centimeters dilated and only 90% effaced so the Dr decided to start a patocin drip to get us to the magical 10 centimeters we needed before Shawna could start pushing.  Another 3.5 hours passed and they did yet another exam, 9.5 centimeters, 100% effaced and the baby was at +1 with a contraction.  The Dr. was called back to the room, it was go time.  He came in and before the bed was taken apart and set up for the delivery the Dr. asked Shawna to give a few pushes to see what would happen.  With that she pushed about 3 times and the bed was taken apart, the baby's exam table was turned on and I was about to lay my eye's on the most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen.  Two contractions worth of pushing later his head was ready to come out, his dark matted hair was visible and my wife was proving to me that she was half super mom and half super hero.  What she was doing and the fact that she didnt even make a sound while doing impressed me beyond belief.  I heard the Dr. tell her to push down hard one more time and the next thing I knew I was staring into the face of another beautiful addition to my family as well as noticing the fact that this kid can SCREAM!  He came out screaming and crying and giving the staff a fight, all 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches of him kicking and screaming.  Here ya go Daddy cut the chord, which I did while basically staring at his face.  The moment was a bit surreal, I was still concerned for the well being of Shawna, ensuring everything was ok with her and the placenta came ok but half my attention was on the nurses tending to Evan.  The images of them suctioning and wiping him off played out in slow motion in the background while his screams rang through out the room.  Tears over took my eyes and the instant love I had only felt once before in my life for a human being came rushing back. 
After what felt like an eternity he was finally handed to Shawna for her to hold for the first time.  I know I was talking to her and to him but I don't remember the words, all I remember is he opened his blue eyes and stared at me the entire time.  He followed my voice if I move to the other side and he calmed while they were washing him when I came and talked to him. 
The final thing I learned during this crazy trip you have followed us through is that no matter how hard the nine months are prior to the birth of your child - wrong colored shoes, emotional outbreaks, food cravings and maternity clothes shopping it is well worth it.  All of these things are a joyous memory once you get to hold your baby and the two of you make eye contact for the first time.  You hear their cry and you see their lips quiver and your heart melts.  For those of you just beginning your journey trust me when I tell you that it is a blessing and all of your worries will be lifted.  Here is my proof to you:


  1. Congrats again guys :)

    xox Tenielle

  2. Love this post Eric! Congrats!!

  3. What a wonderful story...I hope you will allow me to see him sometime. Love you all.

  4. Wow!!! Congratulations to the both of you!!! :))) Evan's soooo cute!!! and YES! it was all worth it!!! What a precious gift you've got there!!! My daughter turned 14 on Father's day!!! lol You've got yourself a Cancer (astrological sign) who'll be very very attached and protective of his mom!!! And Thank you again so much for sharing this beautiful journey with us all!!! Tons of Love to you guys!!! <3<3<3