Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diapers, bottles and laundry oh my!

Anyone who is a parent to an infant knows where I am going with the subject of this post.  For those of you who are expecting your first baby or just reading this to see what it is going to be like, dirty diapers, bottle cleaning and loads of laundry will be almost as common when your baby is born as breathing and blinking are.  Currently our lives consist of changing diapers full of pee and poop, washing the clothes he has peed and spit up on and washing the bottles / pumping equipment that get dirtied every 4 to 5 hours.  These chores become incredibly mind numbing after awhile and begin to feel like they are done every 15 minutes, and in some cases are.  The worst is when you know he is taking a poop, you feel as though he has completed his task and take him off to change his diaper.  The big stinky mess has been cleaned, the onesie buttoned and then what is that noise that you hear?  That's right, your little bundle of joy is pushing out more poopy just for you!
My son is amazing, he is handsome and happy and to this point he sleeps great at night.  I miss him like crazy when I am at work and just his smile or things he has done have brought me to tears a few times but raising a baby is trying.  The change in schedule is hard, you lose who you were and your idea of a great date night or weekend changes.  It is definitely something that you can't half ass and claim to be good at.  You either step up to the plate 100% or don't step onto the field. 
While I am typing this post Evan is sitting in his swing and yawning and I can't help but wonder how all of these men who donate their sperm and take off and then show up once every 3 or 4 months feel as though they can take any credit for raising their kids?  What gives them the right to be celebrated on Father's Day?  Phone calls, letters and 2 weeks a year don't give you a true understanding of what it means to be a parent.  I read in a book that it takes 10,000 hours of practice at something before you become an expert at it, at that rate some of these men will never be a parenting expert.

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  1. You are so right and why some don't get it I'll never know.It is so nice to see this coming from one of their own.