Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rolling over, eating cereal and fruit and everything else

Guess who's back?  Hello everyone!  I hope that you are all still out there and that everything has been going good for you.  Evan is now 4 months old!  Time has been flying by, it seems like yesterday I was sitting in the hopsital typing the story of the labor and delivery and being so amazingly nervous about how things were going to be.  Fast forward through countless poopie diapers, un-godly amounts of spit up stains and even more smiles and we are at today.  Evan's personality is developing the way I expected it to.  He gets pissed off and yells when he tries to do something he can't (like get a toy into his mouth right) and will laugh at anything remotely funny or amusing.  He loves LOVES loves Sesame Street, especially Cookie Monster, and has recently found the horror that is Yo Gabba Gabba.  He is over 13 pounds, eats cereal and fruit - Which by the way, does anyone know if Gerber makes anything other than apples, pears and bananas?  Anyway, our lives are full of bottles, diapers, bills and moments we never thought we would be sharing together. 
Our new house is great and the other three kids have adjusted seemlessly to having a baby in the house.  The girls help when needed (except for diaper changes that is) and Jay wants to be involved in everything. 
Life is good here in the Rush household.  I really shouldn't complain as much as I do about things.  Money is tighter but that was to be expected.  Alone time with my wife is limited, but that's not a shocker either.  But I keep reminding myself that all of the little things that have changed are definitely worth going through, especially when I get to look at my son everyday.

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