Monday, May 26, 2014

Car rides with an inquisitive toddler...

Hey there everyone!  It is great to be back blogging about my adventures through everyday life as a husband, father, son, brother and IT guy.  I haven't logged into this blog site in awhile and it was refreshing to see that this page has had over 5,000 views!  Guess it is time to do some updating again!  Please take a look at the links on the right - they are two pod casts that I just started.  The first (DaddyOpinion) will be all topics in relation to being parents, fathers especially, that I will be doing weekly with a friend of mine.  The second one (Eric Rush Podcast) is going to be just me, maybe five or ten minutes, on any topic that comes up that I feel like getting off my chest.  I hope you enjoy the blog posts and pod casts as much as I enjoy doing them.  With all of that being said, here is my first blog on this site in almost 4 years!

Evan is going to be 4 in less than a month and the kid is a sponge, he absorbs everything you tell him and can regurgitate it at any point.  The only "problem" with this is that in order for him to absorb this amount of information he has to ask a TON of questions.  Taking a car ride at this point is an eye crossing, mind numbing adventure of questions.  "What is that building?" "Who is that guy?" "Where is that girl going?" "Why is that house blue?" "Why is that house red?" "Where are we going?" "When will we be there?" "Do they have ice cream there?" "Why is blah blah blah blah?"

This is the point where my eyes cross and my brain goes into overload.  I slowly start turning the volume up on the stereo as to drown out the never ending barrage of questions.  Now I realize that at some point this is going to pay off for him.  Being so naturally inquisitive and having the ability to retain the answers will be a great skill to have as he gets older.  He will be smart, well read, and full of useful (and useless) information.  But damn it this really friggin annoying right now.

This started in the grocery store a few years ago.  I remember taking him with us and down every aisle, at every item he would point and ask what it was, who ate it, what it tasted like and why we are (or are not) buying it.  It was funny because at the time he didn't speak great so it was cute to hear him try to pronounce things like gorgonzolla cheese or pumpernickel bread, but now he speaks fine so it is kind of like sitting in the car with someone who is on their way for a surgery, they are so nervous they don't stop talking and eventually you just freak out internally.

I also realize that this is some cruel twist of fate, also known as a curse, that my parents placed on me when I was younger.  "One day you are going to have a son just like you and then you will realize what it is like to be like us."  Oh man, this is happening now, all of my childhood traits are being brought to me full circle.  It is crazy to think that not only can someone look just like you (honestly our baby pictures have gotten confused before) and act just like too.  Genetics are crazy... and really fucking annoying sometimes too.

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  1. That was you, my dear...I found it cute, but your parents, who were with you a lot more than I was, were not as amused! xoxo